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ECN Forex Brokers

ECN Forex Brokers

  1. What is ECN?
  2. Best ECN Brokers
  3. What is ECN fee?
  4. What is True ECN Broker?
  5. ECN vs Standard Account
  6. ECN Forex Brokers who accept US Clients
  7. ECN Forex Brokers List

What is ECN Brokers Forex?

An ECN (Electronic Communication Network) Forex trading broker is a type of Forex broker that uses an electronic system to connect traders directly with liquidity providers, such as banks, other brokers, and financial institutions. The ECN acts as an intermediary between the traders and the liquidity providers, allowing them to trade currencies directly with one another without the need for a middleman.

Overall, ECN Forex trading can offer traders faster and more efficient trading, as well as greater transparency and lower trading costs. However, it may not be suitable for all traders, particularly those with smaller account sizes or who are less experienced in the Forex market.

🏦 Spread Low spread from 0 pips
📊 Commission Yes
🔒 Rejection No
💰 Re-Quotes No

What is ECN Platform?

An ECN (Electronic Communication Network) platform is a type of trading platform used by ECN brokers to facilitate direct access to interbank Forex markets. ECN platforms use an electronic network to match buy and sell orders between market participants, including banks, financial institutions, and retail traders.

ECN platforms allow traders to see real-time pricing and execute trades based on the best available bid and ask prices, which are sourced directly from liquidity providers. This results in tighter bid/ask spreads, faster order execution, and potentially better pricing for traders.

However, it’s important to note that ECN platforms may not be suitable for all traders, particularly those with smaller account sizes or who are less experienced in the Forex market. In addition, ECN trading can involve higher levels of risk, and traders should carefully evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of ECN trading before choosing to use an ECN platform.

  • ECN execution does not cause any misunderstanding between the trader and the broker due to interbank connectivity with transparent trading conditions.
  • Depending on the strategy ECN spreads are starting from 0 pips (Zero Spread Brokers list), yet it does not necessarily mean lower trading costs, at times costs are even higher than non ECN Brokers offer
  • Apart from the competitive trading costs and due to its functions ECN technology results in extended trading time, along with high efficiency for automated trading and a variety of strategies suitable for both retail or institutional traders.
  • ECN Brokers and technology in fac is more suitable for experienced traders, professionals or those that operate bigger sizes. While the Standard account and market maker execution model might be a good option for beginning traders (Also check Best Forex Brokers for Beginners), for some strategies and regular size traders.
ECN Trading Advantages ECN Trading Disadvantages
Straight and Fast Execution Better for Professional use
Connection to Interbank Market Commission Based
Variable Raw Spreads Costs can be higher
Transparency Not many Brokers provide true ECN


Top 5 Best ECN Forex Brokers

Here is our Top selection of Best ECN Brokers by category that are Regulated Forex Brokers with some of the best ECN trading conditions based on our Expert tests and reviews, trustable standards of operation and transparent conditions.

  • HFM – Best Overall ECN Broker 2023
  • BlackBull Markets – Best Lowest Spread ECN Broker 2023
  • FP Markets – Best MT4 ECN Broker 2023
  • Pepperstone– Best for Beginners ECN Broker 2023
  • BDSwiss – Best Forex ECN environment for Scalping 2023

What is ECN fee?

The trading Brokers offering ECN Accounts and connection usually offer an interbank spread from 0.0 pips and charge a fixed commission per lot as a trading cost or fee.

What is a true ECN?

With its popularity and a trend of ECN trading there are many brokers stating its Brokers ECN Forex status. However, the only true ECN Brokers are brokers with the confirmed regulatory status and strong legit obligations. Check Exness which offers ECN accounts. Based on our tests there are only Learn about different type of brokers through SEC website.

ECN vs Standard Account

Standard Account and ECN account fee structure is the main difference,  Standard Accounts is no commission account with fixed or variable spread basis, which might be better suitable for beginners in our opinion. While the ECN works with commission fee model, ECN costs split between the interbank spread from 0 pip and commission charge per lot.

ECN Forex Brokers who accept US Clients

Traders from United States are able to trade only with Forex brokers registered with CFTC or NFA in US. Some of the regulated ECN brokers for US are, IG and ATC Brokers.

ECN Trading Forex Broker List

These are the Regulated Brokers we researched and found as best for ECN trading or those offering ECN Trading Conditions:

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